Consistent quality of our products and processes, environmental performance and energy efficiency are very important to us. For this reason, our policy aims to maintain 

the high quality of our products

to ensure customer satisfaction,

to provide safe pricing, safe working environment, and safe facility

We strive to do this by implementing a comprehensive system of effective, process-oriented quality, environmental, energy and safety management. The relevant measurement / evaluation programs help us improve our performance in these areas.

By offering proposals for continuous improvement of our management system, we commit ourselves and our employees to actively participate in achieving our quality and environmental goals at department and group level. 

We are also committed to observing all binding obligations, including any applicable legal and public specifications, and any other requirements and obligations that we undertake by contract or otherwise.

We support economic, environmental and social sustainability and expect our suppliers to adopt the same policy. We also expect our suppliers to actively help us optimize our energy use and the energy consumption of our products, machines, facilities and services.