Çanga Defense is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to all its employees, contractors and visitors in order to prevent injuries and illnesses in accordance with the Industry, Health and Safety Act and related regulations.

Çanga Defense Industry has established the Tol 0 Tolerance ”initiative which covers the rules and procedures designed to fulfill this objective. This initiative is a call to action that gives each employee the authority and responsibility to take the time to do his or her job safely, to act unsafe or to stop his work.

Çanga Defense Industry aims to promote a positive health and safety culture. In order to fulfill this objective, occupational health and safety is actively supported throughout the institution by providing information, training, education and supervision.

To fulfill these responsibilities, Canga Defense Industry:

To comply with national and international occupational health and safety regulations,
To provide a healthy and safe working environment for both employees and the environment by minimizing the risks of occupational accidents and occupational diseases from a proactive perspective,
To always improve occupational health and safety management and performance with the most accurate and rational approach,

is committed.

The full commitment and support of senior management to all employees to develop the rules and procedures of the “Zero Tolerance” initiative is complete.